Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Colors for the Infantry

Infantry Leibfahne (IR.1, IR.2, IR.3)

Infantry Leibfahne (IR.4)

IR.1 Regimentsfahne

IR.2 Regimentsfahne

IR.3 Regimentsfahne

IR.4 Regimentsfahne


  1. I am really enjoying you uniforms and flages, especially IR-2 flag.

  2. Great flags indeed - 'colorful Colours', if I may.


  3. It just dawned on me that IR.4 should have a silver wreath/cypher on its leibfahne. Oops.

  4. I really like the design concept for your flags. Very nice.

    -- Jeff

    PS, you can edit your post and correct the IR4 flag if you want.

  5. What original and colorful flags. They should certainly inspire the regiments to glory...

  6. It seems like the center white area needs something, I don't know, maybe a little color or some more fancy detail. It leaves you with a big white spot in the middle. I like the red stripe flag.

  7. 'Classically' (?) IR.1 to IR.3 with 'gold' metal should have yellow tricorn lace; yet it was traditional, but not compulsory.

    Very, very good flags. Compliments for the diversity of patterns of the facing color on the Regimentsfahnen.

  8. abdul666: I matched the color of the wreath/cypher to the button color, not the hat lace. I really don't care for the yellow hat lace... just a personal preference.

    Der Alte Fritz: I tend to agree with you. I may add more color to the crown for the jewels etc. I may also redo the leibfahnes a bit to add facing color to the center.

  9. By placing 'metal over metal' (yellow over white) you were at departure from the 'laws of heraldry' -intended to insure good visibility of the devices. But it's YOUR army, and you have no less a precedent than the banner of the Kingdom of Jerusalem!
    If you print your flag and then paint only the wreath/£, in metallic paint, I'm sure they will stand out quite enough.