Sunday, February 22, 2009

Jagers and Grenadiers

A Jäger Corps has existed in Ost-Pommern for many years now. It is recruited from the sons of gamekeepers and woodsmen. When not on campaign, the men of the Jäger Corps assist customs agents suppressing smuggling, a practice which prepares them for their war-time task of scouting for the army, by familiarizing them with roads and paths throughout the realm’s border regions, from which an invader might debouch. The Jäger Corps due to its peacetime role has not suffered from the Baroness von Schroeder’s neglect, if anything its ranks have swelled. The corps currently musters 200 men under the command of Hauptman Günther Plaschcke. Plaschke, is an abrasive man who once lost an eye in a duel, which has done little to improve his humor.

When on campaign, the grenadier companies of the Infantry Regiments are formed into converged grenadier battalions. The grenadiers of IR.1 Norbecker and IR.4 von Steiner are commanded by Major Karl Hausser of IR.1 and Major Heinz Eckhardt of IR.3 commands the grenadiers of IR.2 Markgraf Ludwig and IR.3 von Schlammersdorf. Major Hausser fancies himself quite the ladies’ man and can be found wherever beautiful women are. He is quite smitten with Katerina, the daughter of Baroness von Schroeder. Major Eckhardt on the other hand is studious and bookish, which belies his skill with the sword. He is fluent in several languages including Latin, French, and Italian as well as his native German.

Ludwig V would once again like to thank David Linienblatt of for his all of his work. Any uniform plate or flag seen here unless otherwise specified is derived from his excellent site.


  1. I like the grey coats and different coloured facings and waistcoats.

    -- Allan

  2. My pleasure - it's always good to see the templates in use. Thanks for the generous acknowledgement! :-)