Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Young Margrave's Forces-Part 1 The Horse

Ludwig V upon attaining his majority will be able to call upon a formidable body of horsemen.

Comprised of a single squadron the Garde du Corps is responsible with protecting Ludwig's person just as they have done for his forebears since 1620. The 180 men are the swiftest riders and best swordsmen in the realm. Unlike the rest of the army, the Garde du Corps is directly funded by the Margrave's estate therefore all of its officers are firmly in Ludwig's camp and will surely lead the struggle to preserve his dignity in any future crisis.

The Inhaber, Heinz von Richter is a gallant soldier and fanatically devoted to young Ludwig's service. Richter has long served both the Margrave's father and grandfather. He won high praise from none other than the Duke of Marlborough for his service in the the fighting in Flanders.

Two dragoon regiments make up the balance of the Ost-Pommern horse. The first, the Klink Dragoons were raised in 1625. Boasting five squadrons, the Klink Dragoons are a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Renowned for their charge in 1704 at the Battle of Macho Grande, the Klink Dragoons have brought honor to the Margrave's arms when ever they have taken the field. It is said their coats were first colored red with the blood of their foes.

The Inhaber, Oberst Rudolff Klink is an avid hunter. When he is not present with his regiment he is hunting, boars, bears, stags and the occasional cow on his estate. Herr Klink is one of the aging veterans who have ably served for decades. Although he was highly regarded by Ludwig IV, the Baronness von Schroeder has been trying to force him into retirement with postings far from his estate and arduous duties more befitting a man half his age.

The Second Regiment of Dragoons are relatively new to the Ost-Pommern service having been taken into Ludwig IV's pay at the height of the last war. A number of foreign adventurers have been commissioned or serve as 'gentleman volunteers' in the regiment. Under their new Inhaber the Marquis d'Façade they have affected the style of Horse Grenadiers or Grenadiere zu Pferde. Their new grenadier caps with bear skin trim cost the treasury a fortune and they are surely a mark of the Baroness's favor.

The Marquis seems more interested in court intrigues than in the day to day management of the five squadrons of horse entrusted to his care. His adjutant Leutnant Beck, a hold over from the previous Inhaber sees to the administration of the regiment. Standards of discipline and horsemanship remain high among the ranks but the foreign officers are a law unto themselves and would not likely acquit themselves well if called upon to fight.

Ludwig V wishes to thank David Linienblatt of for his tireless efforts to ensure that the soldiers of the Margraviate are so well dressed.


  1. Good-looking uniforms, sir. And now you have me wondering what the basic uniform color of the infantry will be.

    -- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein

  2. It's great that Ost-Pommern has its 'official board' for our edification, inspiration and enjoyment! And a very promising one indeed.

    Very pleasant and impressive uniforms - let's hope the soldiers wearing them will not be involved in a civil war...

  3. Greeting and best wishes from the Reich Duchy of Beerstein! I particularly like your horse grenadiers head gear. I don't remember ever seeing one like it, but I certainly wish some mini company would make a figure like your depiction.
    Best regards,
    Wilhelm von Beerstein

  4. Welcome to the world of ImagiNations! It's always good to see my templates in use somewhere new - and especially to see some of the more exotic uniforms (like Prussian FreiKorps) used too. I look forward to more. :-)



  5. The Horse Grenadiers are the Kleist Frei Corps dragoons. Foundry makes some figs. Alte Fritz just posted some pics of his not long ago.

  6. Hello and best wishes from the Kingdom of Wittenberg.

    Nice uniforms.

    -- Allan

  7. The Garde du Corps and some of their foot brethern are on their way.