Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Colors for the Garde du Corps

By longstanding tradition dating back to Ludwig V's great grandfather, the colours of the Garde du Corps are used to wrap the body of the Margrave for burial. Johannes Ludwig II was killed on campaign against the Swedes in 1676. The soldiers of the Garde du Corps wrapped his body in their colours and returned him to his resting place in the cathedral of Odinburg.

This Christmas, after a suitable period of mourning for his father, the young Margrave Ludwig V presented to the Garde du Corps a new Colour bearing his arms. The soldiers in return presented their sovereign a fine stallion as befitting his dignity.


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  2. An excellent Colour indeed. And a cool tradition!

    -- Jeff

  3. A very beautiful and glorious banner, that was for sure already charged with old honours in 1676.

  4. I agree! a lovely guidon you have there.

    Best Regards,


  5. The ships give a nice Baltic/Hanseatic feel to the blazon.

    Very nice.

  6. I suspect that the new Colour keeps the peculiar shape of the original one.
    A banner of this shape large enough to be used as a shroud was certainly very old, and it was a great honour for the Garde du Corps to receive such a venerated relic. Their gesture of 1676 was admirably fitting, adding to both their honour and the value of the banner.
    But the relic is now too old and brittle -and too precious- for active service, hence the new issue?