Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ludwig's FeldArtillerie and Pioniere Corps

Ost-Pommern's Feldartillerie Corps is commanded by Major Manfred Schilling. The Army of Ost-Pommern has always been short of field pieces. It has made a virtue of the shortage and has become known for the rapidity of its maneuver. Ludwig IV eschewed battalion guns and Ludwig V does not seem interested in changing that policy.

Possessed of only a dozen 12 pounder field guns, the state has been able to ensure that sufficient draught horses, limbers, ammunition carts and wagoners are provided to keep the artillery from lagging behind the infantry on the march. The small size of the corps also has enabled Major Schilling to be very selective in recruiting only literate recruits and officers well versed in mathematics. Major Schilling was also charged by Ludwig's father with bringing some semblance of organization to the bewildering array of guns in the fortresses.

The gun carriages and wagons are painted a greyish green color.

Foot Artilleryman

Ludwig V is carrying on his father's reorganization of the supporting services. The various pioneer, pontonier, sapper and miner corps are being consolidated into a single battalion regiment of 6 companies. Although the pontoniers distinguished themselves in the last war, the pioneers, sappers and miners' conduct left something to be desired. Major Erich Löenhaupt has been given command of the consolidated Pioniere Corps. He is imposing more rigorous discipline and infantry drill and tactics in the hope that the men will not scatter to the four winds at the first sight of a dozen hussars. The reforms appear to be going well and this summer the corps will take part in the summer maneuvers for the first time.


Pioniere Drummer

Pioniere Corps Regimentsfahne


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